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Help Save GMD1 1070!!!!


CN 1070 in the E&N Victoria yard before being delivered to CN at Point Ellice. Richard Isles photo.

In early 1990, GMD1 1070 made the last run on Canadian National's Cowichan Subdivision and Saanich Spur in Victoria.
GMD1 1070 was built in 1960 for Canadian National, it was one of the last ones built for CN. In 1989, CN sent GMD1 1003(the GMD1 that had previously worked the trackage in Victoria) back east for a rebuild, and had sent 1070 to Victoria to work the Cowichan Sub. At the time CN was only running on the southern portion of the Cowichan Sub in Victoria from mile 0.0 to 1.9 and the Saanich Spur from mile 1.6 on the Cowichan Sub to Borden Mercantile out in Saanich. 
Renumbered 1170, the locomotive was rebuilt in 1990, after the Cowichan Sub was abandoned, with two axle trucks from a retired GP9. It was sold in 1999, and has been sitting in North Bay, ON since 2001.
The E&N Division of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association wants to preserve this historic locomotive. In order to get the locomotive to Victoria, we need to raise $47,000 CDN. We are seeking donations to help purchase this locomotive. Anyone interested in making a donation send a cheque or money order to:
GMD-1 1070 preservation fund
E&N Division,CRHA 
2414 Dryfe Street
Victoria,BC, Canada
V8R 5T2